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of bringing divide between -- bridge ing a divide. on top of that, the fbi is conducting an inquiry of its own. as we bring you out here to a live picture, you can see that right now protesters in, in fact, are on the move. and again, we weren't expecting this demonstration to begin moving towards the sheriff's offices for another couple hours. this is one of two locations where people are gathering today. they are gathering here in downtown santa rosa and also at santa rosa junior college but they are expected to hold a large rally. that will happen at 3:00 this afternoon at the sheriff's offices. we also should point out that county offices here including the courthouse and city hall will be -- have just shut down in response to the protests. obviously through jot the afternoon -- throughout the afternoon, we'll be monitoring this and have reports for you. for now we're live in santa rosa, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. >>> more details now about the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. after the boy reportedly refused to drop his rifle. 48-year
announced plans to pull city college's accreditation next summer. >>> today the fbi, state attorney general's office and local police are scheduled to discuss an investigation into possible elder abuse at the castro valley nursing home. investigators say the probe into the manor could last for months, 14 sick, elderly and bed ridden patients were left abandoned after regulators shut down the senior care facility. >>> in addition to the investigation police are also still looking for one of those residents. >> mr. basscom has been a missing person many times in the past for us so we didn't consider him at risk but the fact that he went missing during this time period is a little bit concerning to us. >> bascom was last seen at the san leandro bart station friday afternoon. he is said to be in good health but does have a habit of walking away from facilities where he is staying. >> well the warmer forecast verified nicely for today in time for your plans, outside right now clear skies, the view in the south bay, air quality comes down with this pattern so you might notice haze out there showi
they call saturation patrols in an abundance of caution. officials say they are also in contact with the fbi, tsa and federal marshals as they monitor the situation at lax. >>> tragedy after a construction worker removing signs is killed by a suspected drunk driver. the accident was also causing major headaches on northbound 680 for hours. brian flores joins us live with the latest on the investigation and it looks like traffic has cleared up. >> reporter: yeah, it has, good afternoon. this accident happened at 2:40 this morning but it wasn't until 10:30 when a tow truck crew came by and removed the wreckage, as for traffic you mentioned it has picked up but earlier as we saw it was quite a mess as investigators pieced together how this accident happened. chp investigators spent most of friday morning examining the wreckage and re-creating the horrifying accident that killed a construction worker and injured another around 2:40 this morning. the chp says the two workers were trying to remove a sign that meant to warn drivers of a paving operation nearby in milpitas when the driver of a silve
is heading up that inquiry and the fbi is also investigating. an attorney representing sonoma county told ktvu the filing of a civil lawsuit before the criminal investigation is unusual. lopez's parents and their attorney conducted their investigation into the shooting and their own autopsy and they will discuss the findings during a news conference set to begin at 1:00 this afternoon inside the office behind me in san francisco. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. >>> and san francisco police are investigating an accident that killed a man in a wheelchair. it happened overnight in the area of market street and octavia boulevard, considered one of the busiest and dangerous intersections in the city. brian flores is at that intersection with what we've learned about the victim. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we've been keeping in touch with the medical examiner's office. at this point, they have yet to positively identify the victim. they are currently looking at fingerprints to obtain a positive i.d. an intersection considered one of the busie
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4